It was an early start this morning to get the train from Paddington (no bears unfortunately) to Cardiff. I had a place booked on the University's case studies day. The idea is that A level teachers receive talks from university researchers on recent developments in Geography that are relevant to A level teaching. There are MANY case studies summarising the research going on completely free to download here The case studies are regularly updated so keep checking.

The case studies can be used to supplement resources you have already and also provide excellent opportunities for stretching students. Each case study also has a few references included to get students used to referencing correctly. I can't wait to make use of them and get perspectives on contemporary research into my lessons. I think that the material is going to really broaden my students perspectives of what geography 'is'.
I picked this up while I was at one of my training schools, unfortunately I have no idea who originally produced it. It is an incredibly useful resource for plenaries. Don't ask me to explain but the kids love the brightly coloured squares!! The idea is that you ask a student to pick a square and they complete the activity, or the whole class can complete it. 

The activities are designed to promote reflective thinking on the knowledge picked up during the lesson. I use this often with my classes and it always produces an effective plenary. 
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