I am moving to a new school in September and have been given responsibility for the Year 7 and Year 9 schemes of work. My new HOD has asked me to rework their existing schemes to integrate more ICT and some more 'creative' ideas than are there currently. 

A couple of websites that seem very in vogue at the moment and might provide me with some material are http://geogussr.com and http://www.mapcrunch.com/. Alan Parkinson has thought of some useful ideas (blogged here http://livinggeography.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/geoguessr-some-ideas-for-using-it.html) for how they could be used in lessons which I will be exploring further. I especially like the idea of students producing guides on how to make accurate guesses to be given to first time players of the game.

Part of the challenge of year 7 geography is catching their interest early and developing an understanding of what constitutes the subject in terms of human and physical geography. I think these websites could provide material for excellent activities addressing these issues. Students could use map crunch to fill out a table analysing five randomly generated images, they would have to pick out aspects of human and physical geography present in the image and justify their choices. Or they could decide what percentage of the image is human geography and what percentage is physical. These are just mind scribbles at the moment but they could have some legs.

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