This is some amazing footage taken from the TIV2 (Tornado interception vehicle). The TIV is practically a tank operated by a series of film makers and scientists working in Tornado Alley. Their website can be found here Can you imagine being inside this thing when a tornado passes over? Certainly different to the famous scene in 'Twister' ;-)

How could you use this in lessons? In terms of enquiry I think this is really powerful footage for creating the 'need to know'. I might play the audio only at the start of the lesson and ask students to hypothesise about what is making the extraordinary noise. Or you could play the video and ask students a series of multiple choice questions based on tornadoes e.g. what is the maximum windspeed recorded during a tornado? Students could also come up with their own questions based on the footage which they work towards answering in the lesson. You could show students an image of the TIV2 (see below) and ask them what they think this vehicle is used for before showing them this footage. How would you use it?

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