There is a lovely animation of population change to be found on Benjamin Hennig's blog which could have plenty of uses in lessons Benjamin also goes into a detailed discussion about some of the issues surrounding population projections, this would be good extension work for A Level students. 

If you have never seen Benjamin's blog before it really is worth following. Here is Ben's bio straight from the website:

"Meet the author
Benjamin is an academic geographer educated at the Universities of Cologne & Bonn and the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research(Bremerhaven/Germany) where he conducted research on hyperspectral remote sensing applications in coastal ecosystems. After working as a research assistant and lecturer in human and urban geography at the Urban and Social Geography Working Group of the Department of GeographyUniversity of Cologne (Germany) he joined the Social and Spatial Inequalities Research Group at the University of Sheffield (UK). He completed his PhD as part of theWorldmapper project with research on visualising the social dimensions of our planet. He continues to work as a senior research fellow at the Department of Geographyresearching social inequalities, humanity’s impact on Earth, global sustainability and new concepts for the visualisation of these issues."

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