A while back I blogged about using GeoGussr and its potential as a lesson resource. Thank you to @MrGeographer for bringing my attention to GeoSettr this morning on Twitter. GeoSettr allows you to create custom challenges and provides a unique URL.

Just some immediate ideas on how this could be used:
  • As a starter in lessons, guessing locations requires a great deal of knowledge and skill. 
  • As a homework task, if you are teaching a unit on Japan for example. Students could take the challenge at home and bring in their scores or write an account of how they made their choices.
  • You could set up 5 different challenges all with contrasting sets of examples from the same location or country e.g. from a variety of biomes that cover the USA. You could give it the big reveal that all locations were actually from the same country which could lead to interesting discussion on climate, ecosystems, any number of things.

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